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Job Vacancies In Anglo American On 2020 for everyone who is willing to work in A Global Mining and Resources Company
As a mining-based company, Anglo American plc (or “Anglo American” in this article) aims its natural resources on iron ores, coals, base metals, and diamonds, with its Kumba Iron Ore, Iron Ore Brazil, and De Beers as its related companies that work in sustaining its globalised mining businesses. Beside from focusing on natural resources, Anglo American has also gone through many mining projects that lead in creating helpful devices in mining resources.

One of Anglo American’s most significant achievement from its project is the SQUID that can convert low-grade diamonds to drilling products, which lead to collaborations with De Beers as its big shareholders. As for now, this JSE-listed company that has operation pits in African, Asian, Australasian, European, and American has 105,000 permanent employees and 39,000 contract employees all over its 45 countries’ branches that help in running its businesses, including in South Africa.

Anglo American’s Career Opportunities’ Schemes and Its 2020’s Sample Jobs
Anglo American’s job opportunities’ schemes are focused at technology-savvy and innovative people who are willing to add positive long-term business values to Anglo American’s highly diversified global mining businesses. Those people are then recruited, trained, and developed, as they work for Anglo American and connect with its other key partners and stakeholders in terms of mining operations, raw materials, and other equally-precious natural resources, each according to their various specialisations.

Those professionals in Process Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Ventilation and Gas, Mining Engineering, and Geology will work closely with Anglo American’s Underground Production, Maintenance, Coal Handling, Process Plant Production, and Maintenance Superintendents as well in order to create sustainable values and make differences in Anglo American’s mining and processing businesses and also market its products around the globe.

Those paragraphs stated before simply means that Anglo American highly regard its people as the “heart of its businesses”. Therefore, sample jobs are available every year-round in Anglo American, including in 2020. These following sample jobs are available for applying in 2020:

Engineering Specialist Production Band 6: Union Smelter
Electrical Technician: HME Reliability – Band 7 – Sishen Mine
Night Shift Cleaner: C2 Tumela Mine
Fitter UG: C2 Tumela Mine
Stoper: C2 Union Mine
and much more (refer to Anglo American’s official career portal for more information about its 2020’s sample jobs along with its unique requirements).
How to Apply for Anglo American’s Job Vacancies
The first application process may vary depending on the applicants’ internal or external status. Internal applicants will start their job application process by clicking “EUREKA!” first and enter reference numbers or job titles as soon as they are redirected to the job’s search portal.

On the other side, external applicants should click on the “Careers” and “Job Opportunities” text located on Anglo American’s official website to begin completing their data and uploading their entire necessary CVs and other required documents for their applied positions.

Anglo American will use applicants’ e-mail to inform the next application phases should they be shortlisted. An e-mail notification will be sent within 21 days of application packages’ submissions irregardless of whether the applicants come internally or externally. Applicants should take their applications to be unsuccessful if they haven’t received any notifications within 21 days of their document submissions.

Anglo American’s Job Vacancies’ Opening and Closing Deadlines In 2020
Anglo American’s job vacancies normally open at the beginning and until mid-June and close

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