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About Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality
Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality is a city located on the eastern parts of the Eastern Cape Province. The municipality is fondly known for its uniqueness. What was once two different former municipalities, East London and King William’s Town, over time they both came together and formed one big municipality in which we now call Buffalo City.

Formed in 2000, the municipality was named Buffalo City because of Buffalo River, where its mouth has the only river port in South Africa. With a well-structured manufacturing base, industry has played a major role in Buffalo’s City formation.

Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality Job Vacancies 2020
With East London as the epicenter of Buffalo City, the municipality has been considered as one of the hub of the Industrial Development Zone programme by the local Buffalo City government. The government aims on developing the municipality’s potential into becoming one of the globe’s most improved platforms for business and investors.

Because of this, Buffalo City needs potential workers who are ready to constantly develop Buffalo City’s import-export business. As the years go by, Buffalo City will be in great need of high-quality manpower who are ready to face the future economic growth of the Buffalo City government.

Interested in seeking for employment in Buffalo City? Then look no further! If you are eager on applying for one of Buffalo City’s many job vacancies, visit the official Buffalo City Job Vacancy website here.

How to Apply
Job seekers who are seeking for employment in Buffalo City can easily apply for job vacancies in this municipality. Please follow these steps below accordingly:

Take a job application form from the Buffalo City government office. You may refer to the official contacts below to find out their address
Fill the application form with all the needed information
Attach your application form with all supporting documents
Submit all of your documents and wait for the announcement.
Please bear in mind that the the Buffalo City government does not take any soft copy versions of the application forms and documents. Because of that, you should hand deliver them to the office or send it by post.

If you are planning to hand deliver your application forms, submit them to the Human Resources Department, Buxton House, Buxton Street
If you are planning to send your application forms by post, submit them to to the Human Resources Department P.O. Box 134, East London, 5200
Successful Buffalo City job vacancy candidates should get an announcement by the very latest 4 weeks. Should they not receive any word from the Buffalo City government within 28 days of the due date, their job applications are regarded to be unsuccessful.

However, don’t give up if your job application has not been accepted. There are always new job vacancies posted by the Buffalo City government. Don’t forget to constantly check the Buffalo City Job Vacancy website for new employment positions. There’s always a job fit for everyone.

Available Buffalo City Job Vacancies:

Head – Information, Knowledge Management, Research and Policy
Head – Governance & Internal Audit
General Manager – Electrical and Energy Services
Meter Test (Coastal) – Electricity
Word Processor Operator – Administration Support.
Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality Contact Details:
Physical Address:
117 Oxford Street
Cnr North & Oxford Streets
Trust Centre
East London

Visits: 342

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