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DHL’s Job vacancies for 2020 for Aspiring Workers in the Multinational Logistic Company
DHL Express (or “DHL” as referred to in this article) was established in 1969 in the United States. Intially, it only focused on document deliveries all over San Fransisco and Honolulu, until then it expanded its logistic services to the inter-continental level and international level through the delivery of its international courier, parcel, and express mail services on sea or air.

Since its cessation by the Deutsche Post from 1998 to 2002, a year where Deutsche Post bought 100% of DHL’s share ownership, DHL has evolved into a more diversified logistic brand in many business units around the globe, such as DHL Global Forwarding and DHL Supply Chain. Until now, DHL is still expanding its brand usages, divisions, business units, and subsidiaries, through many ways, including providing career opportunities in South Africa, one of its operating country’s office.

DHL’s Career Opportunities’ Schemes and Its One Sample Job Position’s Overview on 2020
Career opportunities are a part of DHL’s strategies to attract and keep a diverse set of highly-skilled workers with futuristic outlooks and zeal to always innovate for the sake of business operation’s progress. DHL’s work culture is best described as a challenging performance-based environment that will provide employees with broad internationalised opportunities to grow each worker’s skill and network and increase their chances of making a global difference.

The descriptions mentioned above lead DHL to employ more engaged, inspiring, and visionary future workers who will dedicate themselves to assist in building a more sustainable DHL that will make everyone proud. To this, DHL offers many job opportunities through out the year with different sample job position each year for each of its operating country.

South Africa has the Legal Counsel DHL Supply Chain as its one and only sample job position in 2020. This Legal Counsel DHL Supply Chain is a permanent full-time job that won’t need much travel. However, job lookers who are interested in applying to this DHL’s sample position in 2020 must have a work permit in South Africa and prepared to be placed in Johannesburg, Gauteng province, South Africa, as this position will be placed in Johannesburg. Visit DHL’s job search portal for more information on DHL’s sample job positions on 2020.

How to Apply for DHL’s Career Vacancies
Applicants should look for their desired position first by clicking on the “Search for job openings” text located on DHL’s official career vacancies’ portal. Applicants will be able to alter their career selections by clicking on the “Filter” tab on the right side of the redirected page.

After discovering their most suitable job position, applicants can click on the red-colored “Apply” button to start on applying for DHL’s career vacancies. Next, they should click on the “Create a New Profile” text to be redirected to the main account creation. They will then use this account to complete their personal profile and upload necessary documents such as CV and other related documents to their preferred positions.

DHL’s Job Opportunities’ Opening and Closing Dates for the Year of 2020
DHL usually posts new job vacancies on its official website every September. At the same time, the actual opening and closing dates can differ from one sample position to another every year. Therefore, applicants are urged to monitor DHL’s job portal for more information on each sample job’s opening and closing dates on 2020.

DHL’s Career Vacancies’ Related Contact Details
Write an email to should there be any further inquiries that haven’t been present in DHL’s official website.

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