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Barloworld, A Leading Global Equipment, Automotive, and Logistics Brand Company, Has Job Vacancies for 2020

As this article’s title implies, Barloworld is one of South Africa’s oldest companies that has evolved into a globalised brand company until now. Since it was formed in 1902, this 114-year old Equipment, Automobile, and Logistics company have provided many integrative value-adding business solutions with motivating leadership and need to give back to South African society to back up those business successes.

Because of this, Barloworld is not only able to maintain long-term loyalty with important stakeholders globally, but also expanded its operational offices in over 20 countries, including in South Africa. In South Africa alone, Barloworld has roughly 20,000 employees and still counting on its job opportunities that are offered annually.

Barloworld’s Job Opportunities’ Schemes
In terms of its divisions, Barloworld has Barloworld Equipment as one of its major division, which main jobs are becoming dealers for Cat earthmoving machines and Cat power systems all around Africa continents, including South Africa, and many other European countries, such as Russia and Portugal.

Apart from Barloworld Equipment, Barloworld also has many other divisions under its wings. Furthermore, its decentralised management structures allows more capabilities in getting and managing the business opportunities, including in terms of job opportunities. Barloworld’s job opportunities are certainly one of the most interesting since they have a two year programme that let participants choose their most desired career, ranging from Information Technology, Human Resources, Marketing, or Construction and Mining.

The Construction and Mining career paths are the most intruiging one’s since those paths need applicants to have either one of Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science Engineering (majoring in Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial or Civil Engineering). Even so, after the 24-month programme has ended, candidates will be employed in regards to their performance, teamwork skills, and the availability of job positions.

How to Apply for Barloworld’s Career Vacancies
Barloworld has an application form to be used to apply for Barloworld’s wide range of jobs, including the leading Cat® dealers and various other expert-typed jobs. This application form must be filled in and completed along with the applicants’ CV and other supporting documents. After that, candidates should e-mail them to

Opening and Closing Dates of Barloworld’s Job Vacancies On 2020
Barloworld opens up new job vacancies every year, including on 2020. Visit Barloworld’s official main portal for more information on its 2020’s job vacancies’ opening and closing dates.

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