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ISASA’s many School-Based Job Opportunities In 2020 For Job Seekers who Want to assist South African’s Private Education Sector
The Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (or known as “ISASA” in this article) is a non-profit, making school membership association that was formed in 1929 by the Conference of Headmasters and Headmistresses. Even though ISASA doesn’t run or govern any of its private school members, ISASA still strive to give its members financial, advocacy, school best practice, professional development, and other relevant services.

These services are rendered to school members who pay their yearly subscription fee to ISASA.The money has helped ISASA in realising it’s visions to offer wider access for all learners to independent, high-quality, and value-based education as well as public-spirited school communities.

To date, ISASA has already had more than 760 private school networks in South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, Namibia, Angola, Lesotho, Mozambique and Zambia with more than 168,000 students overall, which makes ISASA closer to achieve its long-term vision and promising for career seekers to grow and pursue their school-based career.

ISASA’s Career Opportunities’ Sample Jobs In 2020
ISASA’s career opportunities’ yearly sample jobs is made up of the Admissions, Driver, Facilities Management, General Administration, Support, Teaching, and many more departments, including in 2020. These following sample jobs are available as parts of ISASA’s career opportunities in 2020:

School Enrolment Secretary
Bus Driver
General Assistant (Cleaner)
Administrator: Academics
Aftercare Assistant
Pre-Primary Teacher
and much more (visit ISASA’s main career portal for more information on its diverse 2020’s sample jobs along with its varying requirements and key responsibilities).
How to Apply for ISASA’s Career Vacancies
Those who want to apply for ISASA’s career vacancies can go on to ISASA’s official website. Then, they can choose which departments and sample positions they want to apply. After clicking on the desired sample positions, applicants will find a link to register their interests for those sample positions.

Clicking on that link will open a new career portal page, where applicants can click on the “Register” button located on below the page and near the “Login” button. From there on, applicants can complete their job-related data and documents as well as track their application progress.

After completing their job application packages, applicants should wait for more notifications by ISASA about their selection outcome, since ISASA only starts correspondences with shortlisted applicants. Additionally, applicants should also take note that since ISASA is one of the Equal Opportunity Employers, ISASA will give first preference to historically disadvantaged job seekers.

ISASA’s Closing Deadlines for Its Career Vacancies In 2020
The majority of ISASA’s career vacancies for the year of 2020 are closed somewhen in November. For more information regarding on ISASA’s career vacancies’ different closing deadlines, applicants should visit and monitor ISASA’s official career search portal.

ISASA’s Career Opportunities-Related Contact Details
Contact these below-mentioned numbers and e-mail address if there are any questions on ISASA’s career opportunities:

Telephone Number: +27 11 648 134331

Visits: 1442

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